Millions of tourists come to visit Turkey annually, with the aim of Therapeutic services provided by Turkey, hospitalization or treatment, tourism and visiting tourist places at the same time.

Other Come to begin their educational career in Turkish Universities.

We at I-TRADE provide you the best hospitals in Turkey that have affordable prices and present excellent performance in medical sector. Booking through  I-TRADE means that we are responsible of you starting from the first day you reach Turkey,welcoming you at Airport and managing your hotel accommodation and transports. 

Main Therapeutic services:

  • Treatment of infertility and IVF
  • Chemotherapy and immunotherapy
  • Oncology treatment
  • Cardiothoracic surgery
  • Hair Transplant
  • Open heart surgery
  • Bone tumors

Educational facilities:

As the number of foreign students increased in turkey, the demand on Educational support increased, we went deep into this sector and get involved in helping students through University registration and facilitating for them the process of Certificate Equivalence, aiding them in residence permit, suggesting best students’ apartments and guiding them till finishing all related affairs they may need.